Tees Valley Combined Authority

Tees Valley Combined Authority drives economic growth and job creation in the area. It harnesses the economy-boosting powers of Tees Valley’s five local councils and Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership to elevate partnership working between the public and private sector to a new level to create an even more effective approach to building a stronger Tees Valley.

Teesside, within Tees Valley, is home to major international companies in the process sector and the Combined Authority supports these companies to expand, attract new companies and assist the transition to the low carbon economy.

Since 2011, Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership and the Combined Authority have assisted over £1.3 billion of inward investment into  the area, secured over £170 million in grant funding for our companies, helped to create and protect over 8,000 jobs, supported £764 million investment in Enterprise Zone projects and successfully bid for £57 million to improve local infrastructure.

Tees Valley Combined Authority manages the Teesside Collective project in close collaboration with its industrial partners.

“The ripple effect of a successful CCS network in Teesside would be a game changer for the region and the UK economy.”

Andrew Lewis, Managing Director of Tees Valley Combined Authority