What we do

Teesside Collective is a cluster of energy-intensive industries with a shared vision: to establish Teesside as the go-to location for future clean industrial development by creating a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) equipped industrial zone.

Our project offers a compelling opportunity to progress the UK’s industrial and environmental interest’s hand-in-hand. Teesside Collective can play a significant role in the UK’s Industrial Strategy of a low carbon Northern Powerhouse, helping to retain the UK’s industrial base, attract new investment and jobs, and meet the UK’s climate change targets.

Teesside Collective published a blueprint for delivering Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK in 2015 which received widespread support from business organisations, environmental groups, the public sector and academics.

With continued support from Government – including the development of a clear, long-term CCS policy and a viable investment mechanism – we could geologically store millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide per year cost-effectively, using tried and tested technology.

What would Teesside look like in 2030 with the Teesside Collective industrial CCS project in place?

Shot from the perspective of 2030, our film brings to life the economic and environmental benefits that an industrial CCS project would bring to Teesside in the period between 2015 and 2030.


“A CCS network in Teesside is a critical step, giving a shot in the arm to British industry’s long-term future.”

Dianne Sharp, North East Director, CBI

“CCS on industrial plants is going to be a critical part of the global effort to prevent serious climate change. Teesside is in the right place, at the right time, to get ahead of the curve.”

Sir David King, UK’s Special Representative for Climate Change