Why Teesside?

Decarbonising Teesside is crucial to decarbonising the UK

Teesside’s concentration of industrial emitters and proximity to potential storage sites under the North Sea mean the area is industrially and geographically suited to be the starting place for large-scale industrial decarbonisation in the UK.

The project would:

  • Play a significant role in the development of clean industrial infrastructure and capability across the UK
  • Attract new inward investment into the UK, providing access to infrastructure to help companies remain competitive whilst decarbonising their products
  • Deliver significant carbon savings, cutting CO₂ emissions in the North East by up to 5 million tonnes a year by the early 2020s, with more reductions over time
  • Play a crucial and timely part in keeping the UK on track to meet its 2050 80% CO₂ reduction target
  • Be a cost-effective method of reducing CO₂ emissions
  • Enable cleaner UK-based process industries to meet customers’ growing sustainability demands and provide the products needed for other parts of the UK’s low carbon economy