• “We have a comprehensive programme of work in place to promote carbon capture and storage and globally the UK is independently recognised as having one of the best policy environments for the development of CCS.  What Teesside Collective is doing goes hand in hand with this Government’s ambition to upskill the workforce and support thousands of jobs in the North.”

    Lord Bourne, former Energy and Climate Change Minister

  • “CCS on industrial plants is going to be a critical part of the global effort to prevent serious climate change. Teesside is in the right place, at the right time, to get ahead of the curve.”

    Sir David King, UK’s Special Representative for Climate Change

  • “Delivering low cost infrastructure to capture and store carbon is critical to meeting the UK’s 2050 target.  By building on infrastructure that is already planned this project is a valuable step on the critical path to meeting that target.  It’s needed in the 2020s, so work needs to start now.”

    Matthew Bell, Chief Executive, Committee on Climate Change

  • “For many industries, CCS will be the only long-term way to cut carbon and stay competitive in a low-carbon economy. The report published by the Teesside Collective is a critical step forward for industrial CCS, signalling a prosperous future for the UK’s energy-intensive industries.”

    Michelle Hubert, Head of Energy and Climate Change, CBI

  • “The new Government must turn its attention to developing an enabling framework to deliver a second phase of CCS projects. This second phase will be crucial in realising cost-competitive CCS in the 2020s and must include the creation of an industrial CCS investment mechanism.”

    Luke Warren, Chief Executive, Carbon Capture and Storage Association

  • “Delivering our ambitious carbon reduction targets across our entire value chain is only possible through close partnership with our suppliers. The sourcing of sustainable PET is hugely important to us and we therefore work closely with our suppliers to achieve this.”

    Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • “The sustainability of the PET we buy is of paramount importance to us.  Suppliers who account for their emissions in a credible way will present a fundamentally more attractive proposition in relation to their rivals.”

    Alison Rothnie, Sustainability Manager at Britvic Plc

  • “A large scale carbon capture and storage initiative would make a step change in emissions reductions and could act as a magnet to further investment in the area.”

    Scott Taylor, Assistant Vice President, Business Development, Sembcorp Utilities UK

  • “Industrial CCS infrastructure would help retain energy intensive industries and increase their ability to compete on a European and global stage.”

    Mike Huggon, Managing Director, BOC (supplies industrial gases)

  • “Our vision is for a CCS network that grows over time, attracting new industries who want to plug into a world renowned infrastructure.”

    Dongbae Suh, CEO, Lotte Chemical UK (produces Polyester Resin in Teesside)

  • “This is the logical place to start for an industrial CCS network. Bulk carbon saving is within our grasp.”

    Keith Brudenell, Site Operations Manager, CF Fertilisers (produces ammonia in Teesside)

  • “Teesside has the opportunity to be at the inception of a future carbon transmission system for the UK, putting it on the global map of successful, forward thinking industrial regions.”

    Paul Sullivan, CCS Business Lead, National Grid 

  • “The ripple effect of a successful CCS network in Teesside would be a game changer for the region and the UK economy. This is not just a blueprint for a prosperous Tees Valley, it is a blueprint that has the potential to change both the UK and European industrial landscape and its impact on the environment.”

    Andrew Lewis, Managing Director, Tees Valley Combined Authority

  • “Industrial CCS is a win win. In our efforts to create a carbon condensed world we will also sustain the UK’s process industry; creating jobs, wealth and a location businesses will want to invest in.”

    Dr Stan Higgins, CEO, North East Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC)

  • “It’s a leading green growth initiative in the UK aimed at attracting further investment to the region and reducing industrial carbon emissions. SABIC’s recent work on carbon re-use in Saudi Arabia has shown us first-hand the feasibility of Teesside Collective’s vision and the benefits that realising income streams can bring.”

    John Bruijnooge, Site Director of SABIC’s Teesside operations