CO2 GEONET Open Forum

8-11 May 2017

As the targets of the Paris Agreement are translated into actions by countries worldwide, the need for large-scale deployment of CO2 Capture and Storage will become even more apparent.  

To emphasise the critical role that CO2 storage is ready to play in climate change mitigation strategies, the 12th CO2GeoNet Open Forum will focus on driving CCS towards implementation and the role CO2 storage will play in hitting crucial low carbon targets. 

The 12th Annual CO2GeoNet Open Forum will be held on San Servolo Island in Venice, Italy, from 8 to 9 May 2017. The Open Forum will be followed on 10 and 11 May 2017 by a number of focused scientific workshops.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • international perspectives on the impact of the Conference of the Parties
  • integrating CCS into the industrial sector
  • new opportunities for combined utilisation and storage of CO2
  • integrating CCS with energy technologies
  • results from the latest projects and practical demonstrations of CCS.

Sarah Tennison of Tees Valley Combined Authority will speak in a workshop on 10th May on the drivers for CCS and industry, and the demand for low carbon products.

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